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The P’s, as Wendy Kennedy speaks of the 9th dimensional Pleiadian Group Consciousness, speak of bringing back the Divine Feminine, once more. And they speak of this…

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Gabriel F. Duran

Gabriel F. Duran

In 2007, I had what I would believe to be my spiritual awakening for this lifetime. I was not exactly the happy camper when I was awakened. I was actually quite upset, feeling that I was living a lie, before my awakening. Since then, I have spent the past 10 years on a spiritual quest. I have studied much from all sorts of “Divine” sources. And I feel it is my privilege to be in a position to share my findings on my quest. Please take what resonates with you and leave what does not. And if I could influence one thing in your life, it would be that “You Are Already Divine, Within.” Please allow that to manifest, and the world will be all the greater for you will be fulfilling your Divine Plan.

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    • Stepping Into Tomorrow and a Message from the Pleiadians--Sue Lie January 13, 2018
      1-13-17 STEPPING INTO TOMORROWSue Lie and the PleiadiansWithin this now, we feel a glowing.It has no heat, but it has a knowingWhat could it be, could it be meWithin the NOW in which we see?For what we see, please do not askFor first, we must complete our taskPlease don’t ask just what we see,Or even if […]
    • Interdimensional Communication Webinar with Lauren Galey January 10, 2018
      1-9-17Please click the  picture or link to hear Lauren and my conversation about our upcoming Webinar: http://www.acoustichealth.com/drsue13.htmTWO DAY EVENTInter-dimensional Communication: Decoding Light Language A 2-Part SeriesFriday & Saturday, January 12 & 13 2018                      11am PT / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET / 6pm […]
    • Oprah Winfrey's Amazing Speech January 8, 2018
      1-8-17Oprah Winfrey's Golden GlobeCecil B. De Mille Award Acceptance Speech DEAR READERS,Oprah gave the most magnificent speech that I have ever heard. In fact, it made me cry for joy. I was born in 1946, and I am proud to say that the United States has changed and improved in so many way that it makes […]
    • Learning and Remembering Inter-dimensional Light Language--Arcturians through Sue Lie January 6, 2018
      1-6-18Learning and Remembering The Inter-dimensional Communication of Light LanguageThe Arcturians Through Suzanne LieAgain, you may find your heart and mind hanging around our higher dimensional group of the Masters, Angels, Elohim. You see, “The beginning of the Beginning” is beginning. We, the Arcturians are always with you and are playing an increasingly different role in […]
    • Dreams Of The Event January 16, 2018
      by Carlo John, Guest writer, In5D.com For whatever reason, I’ve been guided to share this with you all—as this is a video detailing my dreams and visions about The Event. Additionally, I’ve included correlating information from one of my own client’s description, Allison Coe’s information, and long held ancient prophecies tied-in to The Event. Marilyn […]
    • Angel Message For The Week January 16, 2018
      by Elise Cantrell, Guest writer, In5D.com As you coast forward into the new year, it is important for us to remind you that in order to build and create the reality you choose, you cannot remain in the passenger’s seat. It is time to take action now. A new way of living and being is […]
    • Mayan Prophecy Connection To Kundalini Awakening January 15, 2018
      by Deniz Ozdemir, Guest writer, In5D.com In many religions they speak of an apocalyptic end of time or the day of judgement. The ancient Mayan civilization had an accurate calendar that prophesied that the end of time would be in 2012. (Note: the Mayan civilization used the same calendar as the Ethiopians, in which it […]
    • Steadily Increasing Frequencies Are Bringing Us Closer To Unity Consciousness January 15, 2018
      by Gabriel F. Duran, Guest writer, In5D.com When we came here, most of us had to “dawn the band of forgetfulness” in order to enter our incarnation. However, the Earth has been steadily increasing in frequency since our beginning of this recent incarnation. And this may not be so for those that come forth in […]